erinDue to the huge demand for anonymous sex online, there are a lot of websites that have sprung up to exploit that demand. It would be nice if all these websites were real and all would have real hotties like these. It would be amazing if all these websites actually delivered something of value.

Unfortunately, most of them are just looking at the huge demand as a way to make a quick buck. Most of these websites actually are trying to poach traffic from the Internet to get people to look at ads. If you have been to any type of free sex dating site, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re talking about ads for penis enlargement, webcams, sex cams and all sorts of adult entertainment.

While there’s nothing really wrong with this type of entertainment, what is wrong is when these operators perpetuate fraud. They know that the market for anonymous sex has been pretty much snapped up by a few big players. While women do join free adult dating sites, they don’t join them in huge enough numbers to justify tons of guys joining those websites.

You have to remember that people are looking for local sex. They’re not looking to have sex with somebody that lives at the other side of the country. This is going to be a problem.

So how do these operators deal with it? Very simple. They commit fraud. They hire outsourced labor to create all these realistic-looking profiles. Fortunately, they sometimes slip or get lazy, and they use porn star pictures or worse yet, they use a software to write the profiles.

If you noticed that a lot of the profiles are of famous porn stars or celebrities, it’s time for you to hit the exits. If you read the profiles, and it seems they are copied and pasted, it’s time for you to hit the exits. Face it, you don’t have the time, effort, and energy to try to get something good out of a fake website. Chances are there no real people there except the guys who are just clicking on ads without a clue. Don’t be a victim.


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hayleyThe interesting thing about the whole prospect of looking for local sex partners on FreeLocalSex is that it's all about marketing. If you don't understand this basic lesson, then you are playing the game to lose. You really are, because it can get quite hairy out there.

You have to remember that success in anything you do, whether online or offline, involves running a marathon. It is never a sprint. While you can get lucky from time to time and get instantaneous results, for the most part you have to put in the time, effort, and energy needed to obtain long-lasting success.

With that said, you have to apply a lot of marketing techniques in your efforts at banging local women. Your success in finding local sex hinges on your ability in implementing these marketing techniques.

Look for the right demographics

The bottom line with marketing is getting your value proposition or offer in front of the right eyeballs at the right time. That's all there is to marketing. It seems very simple, but a lot of people blow it. A lot of people just drop the ball and end up failing. It's all about finding the right target market.

The truth is when you're looking for local sex, a lot of these chicks can be broken down into small demographic groups. There are writer chicks, there are nerdy chicks, there are hippie chicks. The great thing about these demographic groups is that they have been proven to be very sexually liberated. In other words, these are the prime candidates for local sex action.

By being a good marketer, you focus on market demographics that are ready, willing and able, and eager for your product. So stop wasting your time, focus, and energy on less willing demographic groups.

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